Two really exciting selections this month, coming from what some might regard as opposing ends of the fine wine spectrum. It's part of what brings me joy in needing to find two new selections each month; that one can give a sense of "wow this is fancy stuff" and the other can give a sense of "huh I never thought I'd enjoy a glass from a place like Fresno as much as this." 

In lieu of white, we're working with 2022 Los Carneros Rosé of Pinot Noir. While we generally love transparency with our sourcing, occasionally a wine comes along that's too good to say no to, and the producer asks for our discretion. For the right wine, I'll sign the NDA. This winery occupies prime real estate in Los Carneros, a beautiful AVA spanning parts of both Napa and Sonoma County that is differentiated by its climate. Carneros is cooler than both Napa and Sonoma given its proximity to San Pablo Bay, and is probably best known for its production of sparkling wines and Burgundian varietals like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This producer operates an estate vineyard and farms at a very high level. They are both CCOF certified, regenerative farming certified, and moving towards Demeter Biodynamic certification. This bottle of Rosé retails at $50, so it's with great pride that I'm able to offer it to you for much less. I love the color of this wine, the concentration of fruit, and the zipping acid that quickly follows the fruit. I get a mouth-watering finish, and enjoy it chilled down on its own or with fresh fish or light meats. 

For red we are proud to release our third wine in collaboration with Matt Rule and Ramos Torres. For each of the prior releases, we were working with wines that came from their estate Love Ranch property in the Madera AVA in Coursegold, California. In this bottling, Matt found some organically farmed, old-vine Fresno County Carignane, and it's tremendous. Old vines are prized for their low yields and their expression of place. Lesser yields correlate to more concentrated fruits, and old vines have deeper roots (having been in the ground longer) and are able to more truly express the place they come from. While Fresno may bring to might cheap, industrially produced jug wines, there's a reason the Central Valley is the breadbasket of America. These vines were over 100 years old, and were sadly ripped out following the 2021 harvest. Today the lot sits empty, but this bottle is a lovely testament to those old vines and their potential. Carignane as a varietal does especially well in old vines, as it crops heavily in its youth and can result in a blander finished product. Done right, Carignane gives great color, red berry notes, earthiness, soft tannins and a touch of acid. I'm honored to share the last harvest of this old vineyard with you, and I hope you enjoy it.